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Blogging Income Report: October 2016

Welcome to the first ever monthly income report on Full-Time Blog! Before we get into it, let me give you a little bit of background…

I run a blog called The Modest Man, which serves as my primary source of income right now. I also have a newish website called Manored that’s about interior design for men, but it’s not profitable yet.

Over at The Modest Man, I’ve been publishing quarterly income reports for about a year and a half now. I also post quarterly business updates on the /r/Entrepreneur subreddit.

Every time I post one of these earnings reports or business updates, I get a lot of questions (like hundreds), which is part of the reason I created Full-Time Blog.

Latest post on the Entrepreneur subreddit

I want to teach people what I’ve learned about building and monetizing a blog, especially a fashion blog. I see so many fashion bloggers who have awesome content but can’t seem to make a living from their work.

I want to help them go full-time. That’s why, among other content, I’ll publish a monthly income income report right here on FTB.

Which brings us back to today’s post: an income report for October 2016.

How do fashion bloggers make money?

If you’re totally new to this world, you might want to read this post first to get a sense of how exactly a blogger earns revenue from their website.

This income report won’t go into as much detail about each revenue stream. It’s really just a list of revenue, expenses and profit.

Monthly Income for 2016

I want to give you a sense of the big picture before getting into the details for this month. This chart shows the monthly revenue for 2016 so far:


Heading in the right direction! Let’s dive into October…

October 2016 Revenue by Category

My blogging revenue falls into three categories – ads, affiliate and products. Here’s the total revenue for each (for October):

  1. Advertising (banner ads and sponsorships) – $5,739
  2. Affiliate (programs like rStyle and Amazon Associates) – $2,692
  3. Products (ebooks, etc.) – $497

Now let’s look at each category in more detail…

Sponsored post example
Example of a sponsored blog post

Advertising – $5,739

  • Sponsorships – $3,704
  • AdThrive – $1,089
  • Direct – $750
  • Other – $196

As usual, sponsorships are the biggest portion of advertising revenue. It makes sense because a sponsored blog post or video is way more valuable (and expensive) than a banner ad.

AdThrive is the advertising network that manages the banner ads on my site, other than the space I sell directly.

Affiliate – $2,692

  • Amazon – $2,038
  • RewardStyle – $368
  • Modern Tailor – $164
  • ShareASale – $122

Amazon continues to be the best affiliate program for me, by far. It just converts better than any other online shop, and it carries everything, so I end up linking to it often.

TMM Style Guide
TMM Style Guide “cover”

Products – $497

  • TMM Style Guide – $497

I only have one product right now, which is my Style Guide (a digital “book” or guide about style for shorter men).

It’s not a huge revenue generator, but it is truly passive income. Once you create a valuable asset like a book – especially a digital one – it pretty much works on autopilot.

Total Revenue = $8,928 (down 15% from last month)

So revenue was down a bit from September, simply because September was a record month due to some great sponsorships.

Of course, you can’t just look at revenue. You also have to look at expenses and calculate profit.


Total Expenses = $1,012

Many of these expenses are recurring, so unless I have some large, irregular expense (like a plane ticket), my blogging expenses are pretty predictable.

Profit = $7,916 (down 16% from last month)

It’s important to remember that this is pre-tax profit, so I put a portion of this money away for taxes. It’s still enough to live on, but it’s not exactly retirement money (yet).

Right now, I draw cash from the business as needed. But starting next year, I’m going to hire an accountant and put myself on payroll with a reasonable salary.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about being a full-time blogger, leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Thank you for reading!