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  • The Best Affiliate Programs for Lifestyle Bloggers

    If you run a blog about food, fashion, fitness, tech, shopping or anything else in the “lifestyle” category, affiliate marketing is probably an important part of your business. At the very least, you’re probably part of Amazon Associates, if not several other affiliate programs that make sense for your niche. For the past few years, […]

  • LTK (RewardStyle) vs. Amazon Associates: Which Is Best for Fashion Bloggers?

    This is a detailed comparison of Amazon Associates vs. RewardStyle (or rStyle) based on my experience using both programs for the past few years.

  • 21 Best Podcasts for Content Creators & Bloggers (2022)

    Want to step up your blogging game and take your digital media business to the next level? These podcasts will help! I love podcasts because, unlike other forms of entertainment, it’s easy to tune into a podcast while you’re doing something else. I can learn about the latest and greatest on-page SEO strategy while hitting […]

  • 8 Mistakes Fashion Bloggers Make (That Kill Your Traffic)

    There are so many great fashion blogs out there… So many talented, hard working and stylish fashion bloggers spending their evenings and weekends shooting, writing and posting. Over 2 billion blog posts are being published each year worldwide. That’s 5,760,000 blog posts published per day, and 4,000 blog posts published each minute. Growth Badger / […]

  • How to Start a Fashion Blog and Make Money [2021 Guide]

    Wondering how to start a fashion blog and make money in 2021? This guide contains everything you need to know to get started. Now, there are many guides floating around the internet about how to start a blog. I’ve even seen a few that focus specifically on starting a fashion blog. Here’s the problem with […]