21 Best Podcasts for Content Creators & Bloggers (2022)

Want to step up your blogging game and take your digital media business to the next level? These podcasts will help!

I love podcasts because, unlike other forms of entertainment, it’s easy to tune into a podcast while you’re doing something else.

I can learn about the latest and greatest on-page SEO strategy while hitting leg day at the gym.

There are hundreds of podcasts about blogging, writing and the business of content creation, but most of them aren’t worth your time.

This curated list represents the absolute best podcasts for content creators. These are some of my personal favorites.

Here’s the full list, in no particular order:

Become a Writer TodayBryan Collins
Side Hustle SchoolChris Guillebeau
Niche Website Builders ShowMark Mars, Adam Smith
Indie Media ClubBen Aston
The Leslie Samuel ShowLeslie Samuel
Thrive Blogger PodcastBree Pair
The Influencer PodcastJulie Solomon
The Heart & Hustle PodcastEvie Rupp, Lindsey Roman
Inspire Your SuccessMichael Leonard
The Content 10x PodcastAmy Woods
Marketing SchoolEric Siu, Neil Patel
Social Media Marketing PodcastMichael Stelzner
Diversified Income ExperimentKeith Leimbach
The Do You Even Blog PodcastPete McPherson
The Blogging MillionaireBrandon Gaille
Smart Passive Income PodcastPat Flynn
The Food Blogger Pro PodcastBjork Ostrom
The Art of Online BusinessRick Mulready
The Side Hustle ShowNick Loper
Money LabMatt Giovanisci
Niche PursuitsSpencer Haws, Jared Bauman

Best Podcasts for Content Creators

Want more details? Here’s a little more info about each podcast.

#1: Become a Writer Today

In Become a Writer Today, the host, Bryan Collins, interviews best-selling authors and other creative types.

Source: Become a Writer Today

These conversations emphasize unique insights into the broad scope of activities and processes that are involved in the writing process. 

From covering tips for managing distractions to weighing the pros of cons of NFTs for writers, Bryan covers a lot of ground in this podcast. 

#2: Side Hustle School

Chris Guillebeau from Side Hustle School believes that everyone should have a hustle — in other words, that everyone can, and should, have more than one source of income. 

Source: Audacy

The great thing about Side Hustle School is that it’s not just an engaging podcast, on his site Chris lays out a game plan for how you can immediately get to work at improving your life and quickly gaining that second stream of income. 

The best part? Unlike most “grow-your-own-business” resources, Side Hustle School isn’t overly serious — it’s fun!

I was actually featured on episode 1082 of Side Hustle School.

#3: Niche Website Builders Show

As the name of this podcast suggests, it’s geared toward helping people create content sites that are profitable.

Source: Podtail

What’s cool about this show is that, besides appealing just to individuals who have started a site from scratch, Mark Mars and Adam Smith also provide useful info for individuals who buy websites as a business investment. 

I like that they have practical tips for the nitty-gritty, more mundane side of web development. For instance, in this episode, they have a conversation about HARO outreach, (something I haven’t quite mastered yet). 

#4: Indie Media Club

Indie Media Club focuses on how content creators, marketers, and other people involved in the digital content creation process can create better online communities. 

Source: Deezer

The Host, UK native Ben Aston, is deeply involved in the domain of digital media.

He’s a digital project manager and founder of an indie media company, Black + White Zebra, which owns several media brands aimed at helping people succeed. 

Learn tips and tricks to grow your online business through Indie Media Club’s exciting conversations. (For example, in one episode Ben interviews a guy who built the world’s largest theme park fan site)!

#5: The Leslie Samuel Show

The Leslie Samuel Show, hosted by, you guessed it, Leslie Samuel, focuses on how to construct a robust online business — one that stands strong when faced with the tremors of inevitable Google updates and algorithm shifts. 

Source: Leslie Samuel

Instead of solely drawing on the experiences of others, Leslie gives personal examples from his career, which I have to say is pretty inspiring.

Get this — attention to his blog landed him a job as a professor at a university (without a PhD.)! Eventually, “he left his dream job to create his dream life.”  

#6: Thrive Blogger & Influencer Podcast

While The Leslie Samuel Show focuses on online business in general, Thrive is a little more niche.

In this podcast, Bree Pair dials into the behind-the-scenes world of the blogging and influencer industry. 

Source: Thrive together

Thrive doesn’t shy away from tough topics like “how to handle a societal crisis” and “how to show up and remain authentic without burning out.”

If you have a blog or are thinking about getting into blogging, be sure to check out Thrive

#7: The Influencer Podcast

Don’t let the name fool you, The Influencer Podcast isn’t just for full-time influencers.

Source: Spreaker

While Julie Solomon does cover some very industry-specific material on the show, she also shares many inspiring experiences and insights that can help anyone become a better version of themself. 

Trust me, Julie’s enthusiasm is contagious! After every episode, you’ll leave feeling better about yourself.  

#8: The Heart & Hustle Podcast

Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman promise that The Heart & Hustle Podcast will, “spit fire truths that will ignite you to go get it.”

Source: Podtail

While that’s a tall order, this energetic duo really does fire things up with their “go” mentality. Heart & Hustle gives actionable tips on how to grow your business (and gives you the kick in the pants you need to get up and get started!). 

#9: Inspire Your Success

I have to say, Inspire Your Success lives up to its name.

Source: Michael Leonard

This podcast, hosted by Michael Leonard, features interviews with incredible entrepreneurs, experts, authors, and thought leaders that share their insights on how you can succeed. 

Besides the podcast, Michael himself is a writing coach and mentor, yet another way he helps people to kickstart their careers.

#10: The Content 10x Podcast

Amy Woods’ The Content 10x Podcast is designed to help you maximize your ROI on each piece of content you create.

Source: Content 10x

Amy talks about how to repurpose and refresh old content to fulfill your current needs.

Besides the podcast, there is also a related “10X Better” blog, which is great if you prefer written content, or if you want to supplement what you heard on the show.

#11: Marketing School

While most podcasts on our list are longform, Marketing School most episodes are only 3-8 minutes long.

Source: Marketing School

Each episode is packed with actionable info that you can use to promote your business. 

The hosts, Eric Siu & Neil Patel, really know how to keep you engaged with their short, daily doses of marketing know-how that helps you to keep your marketing chops in shape. 

#12: Social Media Marketing Podcast

Michael Stelzner’s podcast also helps you to navigate the fast moving waters of marketing. However, his podcast dives deep into social media marketing (hence the name Social Media Marketing Podcast).

Source: Social Media Examiner

In this show, Michael, the founder of Social Media Examiner — a brand that spans many mediums, including written content, video tutorials, and audio material — covers how to find success on all the major platforms (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more). 

#13: Diversified Income Experiment

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to hear about wacky, off-the-wall business ideas that just might actually work. Diversified Income Experiment is the perfect podcast for scratching this itch.

Source: Deezer

After listening to a few episodes of Keith Leimbach’s show, you’re likely to have business ideas out the wazoo.

He has episodes about how to make money selling bidets, about the potential of importing tequila, and on whether or not buying a laundromat is a good idea. 

Tune into Diversified Income Experiment for a fun, lighthearted commute.

#14: The Do You Even Blog Podcast

Bro, do you even lift?” “Well, do you even blog…” 

The Do You Even Blog Podcast is designed to help you to go from puny writing newbie to the blogging equivalent of a massive muscle-bound gym rat.

Source: The Do You Even Blog

In this podcast, Pete McPherson chats with leaders in the realm of digital media, covering SEO, affiliate marketing, funneling, and much, much more. 

Also, just a heads up, Pete just launched The Unbusy Podcast which aims to help you to become “time rich.” Check it out if you want to try gain greater control each hour of your week.

#15: The Blogging Millionaire

In less than two years Brandon Gaille did something amazing. He went from ground zero to one million visitors a month on his blog.

Source: Acast

With his podcast, The Blogging Millionaire, Brandon teaches secrets of how to grow your traffic by becoming at each step of the blogging process (e.g. writing, email list building, and internet marketing, and etc.).  

I like that at times Brandon gets really specific with his self-proven tips. For instance, in one episode he “reveal[s] the optimal number of emails to send your list each week to get the highest possible open rates and overall engagement.” Now that’s what I call value!

#16: Smart Passive Income Podcast

You may have heard of Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn (SPI). It’s one of the top iTunes Business Podcasts (and for a good reason!). 

Source: Art19

Pat, who began podcasting way back in 2009, is a seasoned host and an excellent interviewer. He’s had some incredible conversations with the likes of Tim Ferriss, Amy Porterfield, and Gary Vaynerchuk. 

With an online community, courses, and other tools, SPI is a one-stop resource for growing your online business. 

#17: The Food Blogger Pro Podcast

Who doesn’t love a good food blog? They’re the perfect thing to peruse while you wait at a restaurant or to use for inspiration as you plan out your meals for the week. 

Source: Deezer

Although The Food Blogger Pro Podcast (hosted by Pinch of Yum’s Bjork Ostromoften) frequently covers food-blog-specific material, such as recipe SEO and food photography, each episode can help you with your online business regardless of your focus. 

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast presents nourishing new episodes every Tuesday. 

#18: The Art of Online Business

Rick Mulready, an Online Business Coach and Ads Expert, seeks to “represent the inclusivity and diversity of online businesses” in his podcast, The Art of Online Business.

Source: YouTube

Sometimes episodes are Rick going it alone, providing tips on how to develop a smart (and profitable) online business, other times, Rick interviews industry leaders to help listeners glean insights and ponder a diverse set of experiences and opinions.

For example, Rick’s interviewed Jude Charles, a documentary producer and author, about how become a master storyteller can help you stand out of the crowd and to make more sales. 

#19: The Side Hustle Show

Want to make money by playing video games? What getting paid to go to weddings? Or maybe you want to launch your own profitable podcast? 

Source: Side Hustle School Nation

Whatever side hustle you have in mind, Nick Loper can help you to achieve your goals.

The Side Hustle Show is designed to help you make more money after hours by sharing tips on how to start and grow your side hustle. 

For a quick intro to Nick’s work, check out hist of 100 best side hustle idea on his site, Side Hustle Nation.

#20: Money Lab

Matt Giovanisci’s Money Lab takes a comfortable, laid back approach to talking about making money online.

Matt claims that he started Money Lab so he could “build more brands, make more money, and write off [his] homebrewing hobby.” 

Source: Chartable

Matt’s all about having fun making content that’s honest, transparent, and to-the-point. His podcast reflects these values.

I love the fact that Matt keeps it real. He hasn’t sold out. He’s more of a craftsman than a business guru, but his business is still incredibly successful.

In short, Money Lab is one of the most entertaining business podcasts out there.

#21: Niche Pursuits

Founded by Spencer Haws, an O.G. of the blogging/niche website/affiliate marketing world (and creator of Link Whisper), Niche Pursuits is a podcast and website about making money online.

Source: Audacy

I listen to almost every episode of the Niche Pursuits podcast because I know it will deliver at least one small gem of value (if not several).

The show’s host, Jared Bauman, asks his guests all of the questions you’re hoping he’ll ask: how they get traffic, how they approach link building, how much money they make, etc.

Also, Niche Pursuits features online entrepreneurs who are making a couple thousand dollars per month, all the way up to people who are running 8 figure digital businesses empires.

The people behind Niche Pursuits have their own content websites, so they’re actually on the field, not just asking questions from the sidelines.

You can read or listen to my Niche Pursuits interview right here.


Hopefully this article piqued your interest in one or more new blogging podcasts. As you check out new shows, feel free to mention your favorite episodes in the comment section below.