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  • The Best Affiliate Programs for Lifestyle Bloggers

    If you run a blog about food, fashion, fitness, tech, shopping or anything else in the “lifestyle” category, affiliate marketing is probably an important part of your business. At the very least, you’re probably part of Amazon Associates, if not several other affiliate programs that make sense for your niche. For the past few years, […]

  • LTK (RewardStyle) vs. Amazon Associates: Which Is Best for Fashion Bloggers?

    This is a detailed comparison of Amazon Associates vs. RewardStyle (or rStyle) based on my experience using both programs for the past few years.

  • 21 Best Podcasts for Content Creators & Bloggers (2022)

    Want to step up your blogging game and take your digital media business to the next level? These podcasts will help! I love podcasts because, unlike other forms of entertainment, it’s easy to tune into a podcast while you’re doing something else. I can learn about the latest and greatest on-page SEO strategy while hitting […]

  • Blogging and YouTube Income Report: Q3 2021

    We’re more than one third of the way through 2021…it’s cliche, but this year is really flying by. Q3 was another great quarter, which is kind of surprising because traffic dropped after multiple big Google updates this summer. Then again, there’s 1-3 month lagging effect on most online revenue. Ad rev usually pays out one […]

  • Blogging and YouTube Income Report: Q2 2021

    We’re halfway through 2021. If 2020 dragged on forever, 2021 is flying by (at least for me). I’m happy to report that Q2 of this year was solid, at least in terms of revenue. It wasn’t sunshine and rainbows, though. I’ll talk about some risks and setbacks later on. First, let’s look at the high […]

  • Blogging and YouTube Income Report: Q1 2021

    If you read my Q4 2020 income report and annual review, you know that 2020 was a great year (for business, that is…). 2021 is shaping up to be just as strong. With three months already behind us, it’s time to look at the Q1 numbers! We’ll go into detail about everything, but first, you […]

  • How to Write Product Reviews That Don’t Suck

    The vast majority of product “reviews” really suck. You know it, and I know it. Above all, the people who create the reviews know it. Most product reviews are published for one reason: To make money. That’s it. The people who publish these “reviews” don’t want to help anyone make smarter purchases, despite their claims. […]

  • Q4 Income Report + 2020 Year In Review

    2020 was one helluva year, but from a business perspective, it was by far the best year of my life. Granted, I’ve had a pretty cush life. I’ve not been forced to deal with unemployment or sickness this year (like so many others have), and for that, I’m exceedingly grateful. I’m also more convinced than […]

  • Blogging and YouTube Income Report: Q3 2020

    Every time I sit down to put together one of these blogging income reports, I always start typing something like: “Wow, can you believe it’s been three months already?! Time flies!!” Then I realize that’s exactly what I opened the last income report with, and I start questioning my creativity and individuality… Am I a […]

  • Blogging and YouTube Income Report: Q2 2020

    Woah…Q2 is over. I feel like I just posted the Q1 2020 income report, and here we are approaching mid-July. What a strange year it’s been so far…but the show must go on! I put together these income reports for a few reasons: People seem to appreciate them. I like being transparent, especially about the […]

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