Work With Me

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I know you’re busy and really appreciate it!

Here’s everything you need to know about:

  • Sending me product samples
  • Product reviews and/or unboxing
  • Paid partnerships (sponsored content)
  • Affiliate programs
  • My media kit

Let’s dive in…

Sending Product Samples

I love trying out new (to me) brands and products. I know that it’s expensive to send samples to creators, and I’m flattered to be on your list!

However, I get a lot of requests and unsolicited samples, so I have two ground rules:

  1. Receiving samples doesn’t guarantee coverage
  2. Samples cannot be returned to the sender

If you’d still like to send me a package, please reach out to brock at brockmcgoff dot com for shipping details.

Product Reviews & Unboxing

I sometimes publish product reviews like this one.

While these reviews may include a sponsored segment, they are never sponsored by the brand I’m reviewing.

Put simply, I don’t do paid reviews.

Many (but not all) samples I receive will be unboxed on Instagram Stories.

The vast majority of samples will not get a dedicated product review video.

Paid Partnerships (Sponsored Content)

I love working with sponsors and currently offer three types of partnerships:

  1. Partial Integration (from $2,500): 30-60 second “commercial” segment in an otherwise unrelated video; here’s an example
  2. Dedicated Video (from $5,000): an entire video conceptualized, written and produced to promote a specific brand or product; here’s an example
  3. Social Media (from $500): typically a short form video posted to Instagram Reels and/or TikTok

If you’re interested in any of these, please email brock [at] brockmcgoff [dot] [com] to get started.

Affiliate Programs

At the moment, I’m not looking for affiliate partnerships.

My Media Kit

You can see my current media kit right here.